3D, Gen­er­a­tive Architecture and Para­met­ric Design

BRUT.iii is an illus­tra­tion project explor­ing bru­tal­ist archi­tec­ture using gen­er­a­tive and para­met­ric design tech­niques. It is based on algo­rith­mic think­ing that enables the expres­sion of para­me­ters and rules that, togeth­er, define, encode and clar­i­fy the rela­tion­ship between design intent and design response. I cre­at­ed tools that auto­mat­i­cal­ly cre­ate unlim­it­ed semi-ran­dom bru­tal­ist build­ings and city scapes. This is a selec­tion of my favourite images.

Brut iii Poster 01 Kopie
Brut 0036
Brut 0035
Brut 0034
Brut 0033
Brut 0008
Brut 0007
Brut 0006
Brut 0031
Brut 0029
Brut 0028
Brut 0027
Brut 0015
Brut 0016
Brut 0012
Brut 0008
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